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Upon arriving in Greece, a couple decided not to see the country the traditional touristy way but to hire a guide from one of the small villages. After finding a guide, the guide takes them on a boat ride showing them the sights of Greece. After a while, they pass a grove of fig trees. When the tourists comment on the beauty of the trees, the guide says, "See all those trees? I planted every one of those trees. I nurtured every one of those trees. But do they call me 'Zorba the tree-planter'? No."

The couple looks a little confused at his outrage but keeps quiet. After about 15 minutes, they pass a nice village on the bank of the river. The tourists comment on the beauty of the village. Again, the guide goes off. "See all those houses? I built every one of those houses. With these two hands alone, I built those houses. But do they call me 'Zorba the house-builder'? NO."

The couple again look confused and worried about the guide's outrage. They don't want to annoy him again. After about 30 minutes, they pass a small fleet of fishing boats. The husband comments on the boats.

"You see all those boats? I built those boats. With these two hands, I built every boat and not a one has sunk. But do they call me 'Zorba the boat-builder'? NO!!"

The tourists stay quiet until they see something which the guide could not have built. "Look at those lovely donkeys", says the wife.

The guide looks at them and says, "Oh, but you fuck one donkey..."